Paintless Dent Repair

Believe it or not, vehicles have personalities just like the person sitting at the steering wheel. If you drive an Audi A8, people will probably say that you enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. If your vehicle is dented, people might assume that the owner is the victim of hail, unwieldy passengers or low speed fender bender. This certainly takes the statement ‘first impressions lasts’ to another level but relax, Paintless Dent Repair is a quick and affordable process which experts at 1st Sight Auto use to help customers make a lasting impression.

At 1st Sight Auto, Paintless Dent Repair:

  • saves time and money
  • does not affect the original finishing of your vehicle
  • increases the market value of your vehicle
  • fixes dents, hail damage, door dings and creases

The process is almost like the work of a Washing Machine on dirty laundry. It transforms a soiled product into one that is clean without altering its unique identity. Another advantageous comparison is that like washing; Paintless Dent Repair may take up to an hour. To remove dents from your vehicle, which may be of any kind, the experts shrink and shape the metal or aluminium without you having to purchase new parts. Your responsibility in the process is to ensure that the paint on the dented area is still intact, if not, another process which can be done by the experts may be necessary. After repairing a dent, your vehicle will again look as good as new.

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Headlight Restoration

When walking, our eyes help us to see where we are going. In the case of driving, it is the headlights on your car which do the job. Over time, our eyes become dim and the same thing happens to our headlights due to issues like age and environmental factors including abrasions and impact from stones and sand. As you can imagine, driving with dull, discoloured, hazy headlights is an open invitation extended to disaster. Nobody wants to deliberately take on the cost of repairing a damaged vehicle and worst of all broken bones so with the good sense of foresight it is a worthwhile venture to have your headlights checked at 1st Sight Auto

If your headlights suffer from an impaired vision, the efficient, reliable and customer driven experts at 1st Sight Auto are ready and waiting to satisfy your needs by providing you with an economical process called Headlight restoration.

To restore your headlights, the professionals will use knowledge and skills gained through years of quality experience to remove oxidation or corrosion from the headlights before polishing it to a good as new state. Of course, the methods used to repair the eyes of your vehicle are dependent on the extent of its discolouration or haze.

The process of removing corrosion include taping the edges of the headlight to protect painted finishes before using wet sand paper to remove scratches, hazing and oxidation. Following that process, the sanding haze is cleaned before the last step of polishing is done. Although the procedure may sound simple; it takes a professional to give a damaged headlight a good as new look without further damage.

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Windshield Repair & Replacement

When damaged, several factors can help you to determine whether or not you need to repair or replace your windshield. Is it cracked or is it chipped? You may also want to consider the size, depth and location of the damage. While it is tempting to avoid the expense of replacing a broken windshield; it is wiser for you consider your safety and have the extent of the damage assessed and diagnosed by an Auto Specialist.

At 1st Sight Auto, the Technicians care about your time, safety, affordability, convenience and need for exceptional, ‘A’ Class service. Through congenial customer service they will help you to evaluate the extent of damage done to your windshield and carry out the necessary reparation process with speed, skill and efficiency.

To repair your windshield they will inject an optically clear structural adhesive into the outer layer that has been damaged and weakened. When the damaged area is filled to capacity, the resin will be exposed to a special ultra violet light for it to be cured. With their years of experience in delivering quality service to customers from around the globe you can trust that when done, the repair will stop the damage from growing, it will permanently restore the original strength and reduce the visual distortion to that of a water spot.

If it is a replacement that you need, trust their advice and rely on their service.

Car Scratch and Paint Repair

Think of a scratch on a vehicle and most likely the image of smeared paint and exposed metal will come to mind followed by a piercing mind numbing sensation as though it is you who is being scarred. Just like dents, scratches on a vehicle are sure ways of compromising the image of an automobile. It really is a good thing that people recognize that image influences the value of vehicles and have become experts in all aspects of its restoration.

Whether you drive a high end vehicle or not, the reality is that deep scratches in your vehicle are visually abusive, expensive to repaint and if untreated, exposes your paint to future rust problems. You can take a sigh of relief though because at 1st Sight Auto, the adept pros will repair your ride to make it look as good as new.

The car scratch and repair process can be very technical and requires great care and attention to detail. For the process, the experts will fill any void or crater before applying touch up to the top of the surface. Following this, a small amount of putty will be squeezed next to the scratch then spread and allowed to dry for a limited time. Once dry, they will gently remove the putty surrounding the scratch by using a towel with liquid paint leveler. The scratch will be left full of putty so that the only thing visible to you and others at the end is a thin line running the length of the original damage. Special skills will be used to add suitable touch up paint to the area until your vehicle is protected from future corrosion and again becomes visually appealing.

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Leather/Vinyl Restoration

Colour fading, scratches, scrapes, rips and tears are some of the main reasons why you may want to have the Leather in your automobile restored. Without those abrasions leather has a classy, luxurious and durable look which the meticulous technicians at 1st Sigh Auto can help you to regain. Before employing the services of the willing and capable experts it is important for you to determine the type and condition of the material. Is it Vinyl & Synthetic which is peeling or flaking, dirty or stained, scratched, punctured or torn? Or is it genuine leather that is faded, discolored, dirty, rough or scaly, cracked or stained with scuffs and marks? This information will help to determine what is used to repair the material and how it is done.

Generally, a soft cloth, warm water and leather shampoo is first used on the leather in the restitution process so as to remove any dirt, dust or debris. With cracks, leather seats are repaired with the use of an auto leather repair kit which includes a dye that is checked and matched with the interior of the vehicle. After the seats are cleaned, denatured alcohol is applied to the cracked areas and allowed to dry. Once dry, sand paper is used to sand the cracked areas away, it is then wiped before applying the liquid leather sealant from the kit. The sealant is used to smooth out the cracks. After this, the leather dye should be carefully applied to the affected areas until it matches the rest of the seat.

Depending on the extent of tear/s in your seat, it might have to be repaired or replaced. As stated previously, the first step in repairing a leather seat is to clean it with a soft cloth, mild soap and warm water. After that is done, the torn materials are stitched together and fillers used to even out and bond the repair to the rest of the cushion. For a quality finish you can rely on the skilled craftsmen to match the color of the material by mixing the best dyes and applying adeptly to the affected areas. In the final analysis, you will be satisfied by your choice of 1st Sight.

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Acid Rain Correction & Protection

If you think that dents and scratches are the worst possible things that can deface your vehicle think again! Acid rain can be more detrimental because unlike the impact of the other circumstances, damage is caused when the acid material is left behind on a car’s surface after water evaporates. The acidic compound combined with other elements (such as sunlight) can be strong enough to eat away the paint. Additionally, there will be “irregularly shaped, permanently etched areas” on a car’s surface if it has been impacted by acid rain. Sounds daunting right? Well, all hope is not lost as at 1st Sight Auto, the up-to-date technicians know how to correct and protect you from such disaster.

To correct the scars created by acid rain, technicians at 1st Sight Auto will give your vehicle a proper paint decontamination. They will do this by washing the automobile in a repeated step by step process which neutralizes the acid rain deposits, dissolves the ferrous particles and then returns the paint to neutral PH followed with treatment with a clay bar or towel to remove any bonded surface contaminates. After the paint is decontaminated it will be protected with a quality paint sealant of Nano-coating. Weekly washing afterwards will help to mitigate the amount of acids and industrial fallout that accumulate in the future.

For the best possible results it is highly recommended that you trust the process to the trained, certified professionals at 1st Sight Auto.

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Car Detailing

Just like people, cars have a body that we like to enjoy inside and out by virtue of not just its personality but also its appearance. When you think about it; it is attention to the finest details that help to make us attractive and the same is true for our automobile. While it is easy for us to shower, select appealing clothes and apply our own make up, not all are skilled at dressing a car in order to give it a constant ‘WOW’ effect. When you look at it from that angle, it is easy to understand the process of Car Detailing. At a car detailing service, professionals use special tools to clean your vehicle of dirt and road grime, both inside and out and in detail. In addition to having a very clean car, the process of car detailing will also help to keep your vehicle in excellent condition and therefore retain more resale value.

For a thorough detailing experience, 1st Sight Auto should be your number 1 stop. In detailing your car, they will be attentive to:

Paint Care

The paint on your car is its skin which is very delicate. You can count on the technicians at 1st Sight Auto to clean, correct and protect the paint surface. They will properly wash and dry the car to remove any dirt and grime. Next, they will apply clay bar, which removes contaminants in the clear coat such as industrial fallout, metal particles, dirt and tar. Once this has been done, if needed, the paint will be polished to remove any swirl marks and fine scratches before being sealed via waxing to protect the paint and help it to shine.

Chassis and Wheels

Along with the rest of the exterior of your car, the undercarriage and chassis will be cleaned. In doing this, the plastic splash guards and inner fender liners will be dressed with a plastic protectant. The wheels and tires will also be washed thoroughly before being dressed in a protectant that improves their luster and protects from corrosion and cracking.

Headlights, Taillights and Exterior Trim

After checking your headlights and taillights for signs of oxidation, the experts may apply a polishing compound to them if necessary before protecting them with a plastic sealant. Car wash shampoo and a toothbrush or a soft detailing brush will be used to clean your Chrome trim and any vinyl or plastic trim will be dressed with a protectant to help them resist cracking and fading.

Interior Detailing

Nothings is as refreshing as inhaling the scent of crisp, fresh air. To give you that constant feel your interior detailing will include a cleaning of all carpeting and seating surfaces by shampooing and the use of a steam cleaner. In addition, all plastics and vinyl will be properly cleaned and dressed. If your vehicle has leather, it will also be conditioned and cleaned. All areas of your vehicle, including the trunk, is entitled to this thorough care.

Engine Bay

The engine bay, not to be ignored, will be lightly misted with water, and then cleaned with a suitable degreaser before being rinsed clean. Once properly dried, all silicone, plastic and rubber components will be properly dressed to protect them from cracking.

Do you want the entire package? Your car does. At 1st Sight Auto, you will get it all.

Lease Inspection

So, you have gotten yourself a new or used car to operate at a reduced price for a period of time, that period of time is ending, now what? In the lease agreement form it is likely to be stipulated that any damage done to the vehicle must be repaired at the expense of the lease. To be sure that you are not in the ‘red’ you may need to get a least inspection done to ensure that the vehicle is in as good a shape as it was when you got it.

Where can you get a Lease Inspection done? 1st Sight Auto is the best choice. They will use an appraisal document to objectively assess the vehicle from various angles then clearly state to you your responsibility for any end-of-lease charges before you actually turn in the vehicle.

At 1st Sight Auto; your needs are our services. Serving you is our priority so let us know your needs…and fulfill them.